The Dream of the Echidna

download (1)Last night I had a dream that my garden was invaded by echidnas. This is strange for many reasons. First, I don’t have a garden. I am where plants go to die. Second, I live in North America. No echidnas here outside of a zoo. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a live one. Stranger still was the fact that they weren’t reproducing via eggs as they do in the real world. In my dreams they were sprouting out of my plants in small purple puffs. They looked like tiny Dr. Seuss Truffula trees.

In the dream I called animal control because I didn’t know what to do about all the echidnas and I was worried about what an introduced species would do to the environment. Instead of getting help I had government officials shouting at me that I planted them so they were now my responsibility. I was arguing that I didn’t plant them, that they were animals and should be hatching from eggs. The officials didn’t care. They told me it didn’t matter how they got there, I was responsible for them and I had to apply for a permit for exotic animal husbandry.

That’s when I woke up. Seriously messed up the things your subconscious concocts. Even more odd as I almost never remember my dreams. This one was very clear and it stayed with me all day. I’ve been staring photos of echidnas on Google trying to understand what it means. What am I supposed to garner from this message? I am at a complete loss. Echidnas!


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