an office or position that requires little or no work and that usually provides an income.


Can I get an Amen! There is a word out there that describes these wastes of space! We all know them. At some point, we have all worked alongside them, because they were not doing any work! Now if we could just find a way to remove the dead weight wouldn’t our precious time spent at the office be a bit more productive?

The thing that always miffed me the most was that this individual always seemed to be a higher ranking member of management. You know, the one that saunters in at 10:30 after playing a round of golf. Oh sure, he claims it was with a client and he will expense it to the company, but it was really with his buddies and it was just because he can. This jerk will then lock himself in his office claiming he is behind in his work and needs to concentrate. We all know he is on YouTube. Everyone either grumbles about him or just accepts that there is nothing that can be done.

I think I might be more understanding if it was a low-level employee. Like if the minimum wage janitor slacked off I could cut him some slack. I mean, that’s a thankless job. Emptying trash cans and cleaning up the break room after everyone else’s mess. Yeah, that guy deserves a few moments of goofing off as a means of stress relief.

When I became a high level corporate manager I mistakenly believed I could have some flex time. Wow, was I wrong! No morning meetings or lunch’s with clients. I had to log my every move. I couldn’t deliver first aid kits to a satellite office without alerting Big Brother. And heaven forbid I was five minutes late returning from lunch! The lectures I received on stealing time and being an example to those beneath me… Ugh!

Some of us will never be able to be the slacker.


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