VWW- Velleity


the lowest degree of volition

a slight wish or tendency: inclination


With the New Year celebrations almost upon us we must also prepare for the onslaught of resolutions. In a combined state of nostalgia, optimism, and drunkenness citizens of the world will decree their desire to change in the next twelve months.

It’s all bullshit. We all know it. Most people don’t desire something different enough to put in the effort. No, resolutions are simply things we wish would change magically, on their own, without the sweat.


It’s not laziness. It’s not falsehood. It’s simply that change is scary. Change is difficult. When you change there are unknown ripples in the pond, and what if you don’t like those. On some level everyone realizes that there is no going back. You can only move forward. Or stay put. And that’s the option most people take by February.

But at that precise moment in time, on New Years, millions of people will look at their lives. Millions of people will think it isn’t what they want. Millions of people will wish and hope for something more.  For just a brief moment the population starts to wake up and acknowledge it is raw truth. But then….



Don’t You Want To Look Good For Me?

Not particularly, no. And let me tell you why!

1- That statement implies that you don’t think I look good currently. So why are you here?

2- I don’t owe you attractive. No matter what the movies, television, books, magazines, and media try to sell. You are not entitled to attractive arm candy just for existing. No one is!

3-That statement implies that the only way you could be pleased with my appearance is if I change it. I don’t care if you are talking about clothes, high heels, hair, or makeup. If I am not living my authentic self then I am hiding behind a mask. So you are saying I am only acceptable with a bag over my head? Please find the door.

4- How selfish can you be? Listen cupcake, it’s not about you and your happiness. I am not responsible for that.

I bring this up because the New Year is approaching. And with it the resolutions. Millions of us will decide we need to join a gym. Very few of us will go.  If you want to exercise more because it’s better for your health, go do it. If you want to lose those cookies and eggnog that have taken up residence on your derrière, go for it.

But if your motivation is for anyone other than you, what is the point?



to raise trivial or frivolous objections


Hmm…kind of like the apoplectic rage over not specifying which particular holiday I hope you enjoy this season. As if I am supposed to just know what holidays you celebrate just by looking at you. I mean, if Trump has his way we will all be wearing identifying symbols. Hell, I wouldn’t put it past him to brand people. But I digress.

Point is, I don’t know your faith of choice or if you have chosen not to have one.  Personally, I don’t want to just assume that Christian is the default setting for humanity. And I don’t understand why wishing someone a joyful holy day of a different faith is so horrific. I mean, I don’t celebrate Kwanza. I don’t even have a firm understanding of what Kwanza is (something about a harvest, but before climate change what were they harvesting in the snow?) However, if someone wishes me a Happy Kwanza I say “Thanks, you too!” Because it will be Kwanza whether I celebrate or not and I would rather be happy than not.


So in order to be inclusive (what would Jesus say!!!) we have Happy Holidays. It pretty much covers everything that happens from late October to early January. Sounds better than have a happy whatever… But that isn’t good enough for some special snowflakes. Nope, they want me to be able to derive from- what?- that they are a member a of a certain religion, have knowledge of that religion’s holidays, and make the appropriate statement of well wishes.  And they say the millennials are entitled!

Listen, ain’t nobody got time for your shit! Get a grip, tuck away your privilege, and accept the well wishes in the spirit they were given. And Happy Holidays!


VWW-Objet Trouvé


objet trouvé:

a natural or discarded object found by chance and held to have aesthetic value

We need more of this in the world. In our consumer driven end of the year spending rituals, Holiday Shopping, we seem to have forgotten that some of the best presents are not the ones with the biggest price tag. Why is a piece of jewelry more valuable than a hand-made quilt? All the jewelry took was money. While the quilt took thought, planning, sweat, and time.

But what about discovering something, seeing its inherent beauty and sharing that with another person. Isn’t that a far more valuable gift?

Forget about gift giving for a moment and try to think about the last time you found something and upcycled it. Brought it new life. Gave it a second chance. One man’s trash is another man’s art.

Shouldn’t we all be trying to do a bit more of this?

Do any of us really need another brand new thing?

Have we lost the ability to envision the potential of anything that hasn’t been aggressively marketed to us?


If we stopped listening to the advertisements perhaps we would regain the ability to see how wonderful the stuff we encounter every day can be. If only we took the time to really look at it.








a nanoscale explosive designed to destroy cancerous cells and viruses

Take a moment to let that sink in. An explosive that destroys cancerous cells. Now, that won’t stop your body from producing more cancerous cells. But think of the possibilities for people with cancer. Chemo destroys all cells, even the healthy ones. That’s why people on chemo are so frail. Radiation is targeted and controlled. But have you ever thought about how insane treatment is when we go “lets irradiate it and see if that helps.”

And the second part. Viruses. Now we can kill viruses without tusing antivirals that were meant to be drugs of last resort. Think of what it would mean for HIV alone!

Now, being a realist and using humanities history as a reference I am concerned about over use. I mean, we would all like to eliminate the common cold for selfish reasons. But what would that do to our immune systems in the long run? It really is one of those systems that functions better if it gets some practice. We are seeing that with our overuse of antibiotics and the increase of resistant bacteria.

For a moment lets forget that, or that insurance probably won’t cover it, or the drug companies will jack up the price. No, lets just take a moment and enjoy the marvel that is technology and science.