a nanoscale explosive designed to destroy cancerous cells and viruses

Take a moment to let that sink in. An explosive that destroys cancerous cells. Now, that won’t stop your body from producing more cancerous cells. But think of the possibilities for people with cancer. Chemo destroys all cells, even the healthy ones. That’s why people on chemo are so frail. Radiation is targeted and controlled. But have you ever thought about how insane treatment is when we go “lets irradiate it and see if that helps.”

And the second part. Viruses. Now we can kill viruses without tusing antivirals that were meant to be drugs of last resort. Think of what it would mean for HIV alone!

Now, being a realist and using humanities history as a reference I am concerned about over use. I mean, we would all like to eliminate the common cold for selfish reasons. But what would that do to our immune systems in the long run? It really is one of those systems that functions better if it gets some practice. We are seeing that with our overuse of antibiotics and the increase of resistant bacteria.

For a moment lets forget that, or that insurance probably won’t cover it, or the drug companies will jack up the price. No, lets just take a moment and enjoy the marvel that is technology and science.

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