VWW-Objet Trouvé


objet trouvé:

a natural or discarded object found by chance and held to have aesthetic value

We need more of this in the world. In our consumer driven end of the year spending rituals, Holiday Shopping, we seem to have forgotten that some of the best presents are not the ones with the biggest price tag. Why is a piece of jewelry more valuable than a hand-made quilt? All the jewelry took was money. While the quilt took thought, planning, sweat, and time.

But what about discovering something, seeing its inherent beauty and sharing that with another person. Isn’t that a far more valuable gift?

Forget about gift giving for a moment and try to think about the last time you found something and upcycled it. Brought it new life. Gave it a second chance. One man’s trash is another man’s art.

Shouldn’t we all be trying to do a bit more of this?

Do any of us really need another brand new thing?

Have we lost the ability to envision the potential of anything that hasn’t been aggressively marketed to us?


If we stopped listening to the advertisements perhaps we would regain the ability to see how wonderful the stuff we encounter every day can be. If only we took the time to really look at it.





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