Don’t You Want To Look Good For Me?

Not particularly, no. And let me tell you why!

1- That statement implies that you don’t think I look good currently. So why are you here?

2- I don’t owe you attractive. No matter what the movies, television, books, magazines, and media try to sell. You are not entitled to attractive arm candy just for existing. No one is!

3-That statement implies that the only way you could be pleased with my appearance is if I change it. I don’t care if you are talking about clothes, high heels, hair, or makeup. If I am not living my authentic self then I am hiding behind a mask. So you are saying I am only acceptable with a bag over my head? Please find the door.

4- How selfish can you be? Listen cupcake, it’s not about you and your happiness. I am not responsible for that.

I bring this up because the New Year is approaching. And with it the resolutions. Millions of us will decide we need to join a gym. Very few of us will go.  If you want to exercise more because it’s better for your health, go do it. If you want to lose those cookies and eggnog that have taken up residence on your derrière, go for it.

But if your motivation is for anyone other than you, what is the point?

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