If You Voted for Trump

“Can’t we all get along,” “It’s time to heal,” and “You’re being intolerant.” I am sick of it. So let me set the record straight. Yes, I am intolerant of the intolerant people and no, I won’t apologize for it. Now let me tell you why.

Because of the photos attached below, only two days after the election. The president elect has not even been sworn in and the social order is falling apart. Because the people perpetrating these activities are not looking for justice, they are not trying to get their place at the table. No, it is because these are the people that have taken control of the table and excluded everyone else for centuries. They are angry that someone different is demanding their rightful place among them. They don’t want everyone to live together under the same rule of law. They only want people who look and think like them to have rights.




Durham 11/10/2016


I am standing up and declaring firmly that I am against white male privilege. I am against returning to a colonization mindset. I am against forcing anyone or anything deemed “other” as inferior. And I am turning the buzz words back to the privileged white people who are expressing such vitriol at anyone who doesn’t look like them “Why can’t we all get along?”

I blame you. I blame your arrogance, your ignorance, your unwillingness to bend, your hypocrisy, and your blindness to the power you wield simply by the random chance of being born with less melanin than other people. I say this as a white person. I see how you behave and you embarrass me. I am not one of you. I stand apart from you. I stand with all the thing you try to destroy with your fear and hate. Yes, I am against white privilege. No, you don’t speak from me. No, I will never unify with you until you learn tolerance.

Soon you will look around and realize that together the “minorities” outnumber you. Soon you will have to face your fear of losing you position at the top of the social strata. Because no longer do those you hate stand in the shadows, marginalized and victimized. Your actions have brought us all together. We disagree so strongly that we, the “others,” have put aside petty differences that were dividers only a week ago and united in one cause. That cause is to stop you, privileged white people. To stop your hate and violence. The sleeping lion has been awakened and it is angry. It is angry, it is educated, it is informed and it has powers you have not even dreamed of. It is time to heal. And sometimes the only way to heal a wound is to cut out the disease.

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