Call me S.A.M. I am a microbiologist who finds herself working Quality and Regulatory in food manufacturing. So, while it isn’t exactly the seventh circle of Hell it is located in the Dante suburbs. Underboob is my alter ego.

My home is incredibly small and made smaller by the multiple pets who own me. No really, I am their food slave.

I am a sarcastic, smart ass nerd. I say things we all think and most don’t have the courage to speak out loud. Neither do I, it just sort of happens. I’m as surprised as everyone else most days. In short, I am not the good example but rather the horrible warning. But it’s usually entertaining.

J is the Divine Goddess of Motivation. I had content for two years and no idea what to do with it. One day she just walked in and said “You are starting a blog” and then she walked out. And here we are.

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