Harvey Weinstein

You are probably done with hearing about all this crap. So am I but I have to point out that now, after all the women have come forward, the men are backing them up. And we as a culture are applauding these men for being brave.

They are not brave. The women who suffered in silence for decades were brave. The ones who sacrificed careers for physical safety were brave. The ones that spoke out were brave. Waiting until it’s a media hurricane then stepping up to condemn the behavior is not brave.

All of a sudden my news feed is filled with male celebrities coming out and saying how they suspected or even knew, but did nothing. They apologize and we applaud. They are forgiven. What could they do to stop these horrible events?

Really? They get off the hook that easily? They witnessed or had knowledge of systematic rape and/or harassment and they turned a blind eye for decades. Now all they have to do is stand in front of a camera, appear humbled, and recite rhetoric about rape culture being bad for everyone.

No thanks, boys. We don’t need your lip service. We don’t need you to validate our experiences. You say you find the behavior abhorrent but what did you do? Did you help? In anyway, did you help? Did you believe them when they told you? Were you supportive or dismissive? Or did you just turn around and ride the wave of success that cost so many so much?

Boys, we don’t want your words. We don’t want to validate your long awaited moment of clarity with applause. I won’t share your video because you finally (FINALLY) evolved to realize that women are people. Also, I won’t absolve you from the role you played in perpetuating the subjugation of half the population.

You knew. You saw. Your silence and inaction makes you complicit in the crime. You are not an ally. You and your silence are the reason the problem persists.

VWW- Dating (and why I want more than a dick pic)


Date: noun a social appointment or engagement arranged beforehand with another person, especially when a romantic relationship exists or may develop

Dating: verb-A form of romantic courtship typically between two individuals with the aim of assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse. The result of dating may at any time lead to friendship, any level of intimate relationshipmarriage, or no relation.

The Urban Dictionary has a more realistic definition of the nuances that are modern dating.



I fucking hate dating. I hated it before there was technology and I hate it even more now. Lets put aside the fact that swipe culture and the anonymity of the internet has created short attention spans and an increased level of shallowness. That rant is for another time. I want more than a cock.

That seems that all a modern man is willing to invest is his cock. Sometimes it is blatant in sending of unsolicited dick picks (Please, just stop!) Or they say they only want casual and that means that you have no value as a person but they don’t want to actually pay for a whore. They will try to avoid dates because your pussy isn’t even worth the cost of a cup of coffee. Instead they offer some version of Netflix and chill. WTF is that? Hell, I’d be happy if a man offered to permit me to see where he lives. Often they only want to come to my place. I guess it’s easier to leave. The old-fashioned ones will lie. They will pretend to be the things you want, will act like they have a genuine interest right up until you sleep with them. Then it’s all “I don’t want commitment” and “I thought we were just having a good time.” Ugh! We were until you decided I had no value and it was OK to treat me like I had no value.


What every woman thinks when opening a text and seeing a dick pic

I feel like this is the narrative inside the average mans mind; “What is the minimum effort that I can put forth to get her to fuck me. If I like fucking her what is the minimum effort I can continue to exert to get her to keep fucking me, but only when it’s convenient for me and never for her. Because she isn’t real and doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I get my dick wet and get to live out some of the porn fantasies the internet has shown me.”No one is allowed to have feelings anymore. Emotions might as well be herpes. Actually, I think saying I had herpes would be received better than if I said I enjoyed spending time with a man.

Examples from my recent experience (names changed because I have integrity, not because they deserve it). Carlos has been texting and fucking me since the spring and I just realized that he may not remember my name. Jack is married and claims to be in an open relationship. He only wants sex and only on Tuesdays. So, what do I get out of that? Dennis and I had great conversation and amazing chemistry. But I realized that he never asked me any questions, nor did he compliment me on anything that wasn’t sexual. He wants to fuck me, but I don’t think he likes me or finds me attractive. Then there is the growing trend of men that claim to be “ploy”  and the assholes that think this is licence to act like fuck boys,

Is it too much to ask for a man who knows his masculinity lies in his strength of character and not in his pants?

I want to find someone I have a connection with. I’m not talking marriage. I don’t really have an end game in mind. It would be nice to have some companionship to enhance the physical relationship. Someone who will hold my hand, put their arm around me, and watch a movie to the end before trying to get my clothes off. Really, I am setting the bar pretty low here.

There Goes the Neighborhood

Perhaps you are aware of the growing concern over antibiotic resistance. It is rapidly becoming a concerning issue. Many of our antibiotics no longer work effectively. Long gone are the days of penicillin and amoxicillin. Several of the antibiotics developed only a few years ago are no longer working.

You may ask how this affects you? We live in a first world country. We have health care, sanitation, and public services that ensure a certain level of hygiene. This is only an issue in less developed areas of the world, right? Nope. This is going to directly impact all of us and sooner than we thought.

The World Heath Organization (WHO) published a list of bacteria that they have prioritized as the biggest threats on February 25, 2017. This is the breakdown of the bacteria and the strongest antibiotic that organism is resistant to:

Priority 1: CRITICAL

1. Acinetobacter baumannii, carbapenem-resistant

2. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, carbapenem-resistant

3. Enterobacteriaceae, carbapenem-resistant, ESBL-producing

Priority 2: HIGH

1. Enterococcus faecium, vancomycin-resistant

2. Staphylococcus aureus, methicillin-resistant, vancomycin-intermediate and resistant

3. Helicobacter pylori, clarithromycin-resistant

4. Campylobacter spp., fluoroquinolone-resistant

5. Salmonellae, fluoroquinolone-resistant

6. Neisseria gonorrhoeae, cephalosporin-resistant, fluoroquinolone-resistant

Priority 3: MEDIUM

1. Streptococcus pneumoniae, penicillin-non-susceptible

2. Haemophilus influenzae, ampicillin-resistant

3. Shigella spp., fluoroquinolone-resistant

Five of those bacteria; enterobacter, staphylococcus, campylobacter, salmonellae, and shigella, are often contracted by consuming adulterated food. The CDC has a very simple chart that details the estimated numbers. The numbers are estimated because most individuals suffering from a food born illness don’t report it. Usually we attribute it to a stomach flu. Those 24 hour bugs you hear people complaining about in the office are most likely food poisoning. And if you think you know what caused it you are most likely wrong. It takes days and sometimes weeks to develop symptoms. I don’t remember what I ate over the weekend, let alone last week.

You are probably thinking that this is not something of major concern. After all, we have regulations, rules, and laws to keep our food safe. That is what the USDA and FDA are in place to do, ensure safe food. Without going into the current shortcomings of both these agencies (because nothing is perfect) or delving into the debate about country of origin lets take a look at the proposed future for all the agencies that keep food born illness at bay.

The current administration wants to reduce regulation. It was a major part of their campaign. They say it will be good for business and that will be good for employment. But consider that part of that includes reducing the number of inspection on food and drugs. The executive order to reform regulations was signed on February 24, 2017. Now, by executive order, these agencies will need to remove two regulations in order to institute one new one. Now would be the time to call your congressmen and tell them what parts of the food code you want to keep. While you are at it, ask them to pressure the new administration to put all the USDA information back on the public website. It appears to have been a miscommunication, but the data is still not available. This doesn’t just impact the public, industry professional use that as well. Last week a colleague needed data and had to call congress and file a request. We all know how quickly they move. Want more opinions? This article from late January had the opinion of several top people in the food industry.

So to summarize this for you there is a rapidly growing concern that our science is not keeping pace with the bacteria, it puts the general public at risk, half of the concerning bacteria can be contracted through food, the white house wants to reduce regulatory oversight of many organizations including the USDA and FDA, information is being removed or withheld, and there really is not a plan once the antibiotics stop working. Stop and think about what that would be like, or check out the BBC if you can’t imagine. Now go get a stiff drink, because you are going to need one.