Underboob and Sarah in Italy


Sarah has been mentioned before is several posts but I have never taken the time to describe our friendship. I’ll do that now. We met at work. I meet some awesome people at work. Shared misery will really forge the bond and all. Anyway, I had my own lab for the first time and Sarah was newly out of college and hired to do quality control. Because she had similar education she often ended up in the lab with me.

Sarah is ten years younger than I am. I was dealing with putting my life together after a divorce and she was dealing with an engagement that ended unpleasantly. What resulted was two women that were sick and tired of waiting for their lives to matter. We decided we were just going to get out there and experience life. Now both of us are perfectly fine doing just about anything solo. What we found is that you often get a much better price if you go as a pair. Especially in regards to travel. We became adventure buddies.

We go to concerts, shows, and activities. Groupon and Goldstar became our best friends. It was a source of information, inspiration, and cost savings. Pretty much if one of us suggests it, the other goes along. We get out of our comfort zones. Far, far out of our comfort zones.

Once I emailed Sarah and asked her if she wanted to go to an event that mimicked the running of the bulls and tomato fight in Spain. Her reply was “We are probably going to die, but I’m in!” And it’s been like that for a few years now. Occasionally one of us dances a little too close to each other’s personal limit. Since Sarah has a fear of heights it looks like my two-day mule ride in the Grand Canyon will be solo. And responsibility has gotten in the way. I couldn’t go to Iceland because of limits in my vacation time and she couldn’t do a few things with me because of her research for her master’s degree. These are minor inconveniences.

Sarah and I are going to Italy. This will be our first international trip together. Here is how it happened. We were eating dinner before attending The Who’s 50th anniversary concert (because let’s face it, there might not be another chance) and discussing Iceland. She had found an incredible package deal that didn’t include those annoying tour groups. Of course they had limited departure dates and none of them were accommodating to my work schedule. With my wanderlust, the lure of adventure dangled in front of me and then yanked away by something so provincial as work was more disappointment than my psyche could bear. I just about had a temper tantrum over a plate of crab nachos.


Sarah, being a much more adjusted person than I am, suggested we look for something that would fit into my oppressive work environment. And that is how we found our trip to Italy. It includes the flight, hotel, rental car, and breakfast. It’s someplace in Tuscany. Most importantly, the hotel is across the street from the train station. We have a car, we are near a train. It is on! We pulled out our phones and bought the trip before the server could bring our check. What a great night. There will be stories generated from this trip. Oh, there will be stories! Most current will be available on Underboob’s Facebook page.

The Dream of the Echidna

download (1)Last night I had a dream that my garden was invaded by echidnas. This is strange for many reasons. First, I don’t have a garden. I am where plants go to die. Second, I live in North America. No echidnas here outside of a zoo. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a live one. Stranger still was the fact that they weren’t reproducing via eggs as they do in the real world. In my dreams they were sprouting out of my plants in small purple puffs. They looked like tiny Dr. Seuss Truffula trees.

In the dream I called animal control because I didn’t know what to do about all the echidnas and I was worried about what an introduced species would do to the environment. Instead of getting help I had government officials shouting at me that I planted them so they were now my responsibility. I was arguing that I didn’t plant them, that they were animals and should be hatching from eggs. The officials didn’t care. They told me it didn’t matter how they got there, I was responsible for them and I had to apply for a permit for exotic animal husbandry.

That’s when I woke up. Seriously messed up the things your subconscious concocts. Even more odd as I almost never remember my dreams. This one was very clear and it stayed with me all day. I’ve been staring photos of echidnas on Google trying to understand what it means. What am I supposed to garner from this message? I am at a complete loss. Echidnas!