VWW- Ersatz



being unusually artificial and inferior substitution or imitation

Originally a noun in German, this word has been incorporated into the English language as an adjective. It was used in WWI and WWII  to describe the inferior products made available due to rationing.


Interesting substitution suggestion

In the modern world we have an abundance of ersatz products. Not due to the war, but rather as a result of corporate greed to make commodities in great volume but at low cost and quality. I’ve complied a short list:

  1. Imitation cheese slices
  2. “Juice” containing only 5% fruit juice what is the rest of it made from?
  3. Juice named after a fruit but composed of mainly apple juice (pomegranate and blueberry are where I encounter this most often)
  4. Fish Sticks- these are of some type of Osteichthyes of unknown providence
  5. Fat Free, Low Fat, Reduced Fat anything- I generally interpret that to mean chemical shit storm pumped up with sugar
  6. Frozen Dairy Treat- what the hell does that mean?
  7. Food Advertised with “More Meat Flavor”- not more meat, just better additives
  8. Flashlights apps on the phone- that tiny beam of light doesn’t do shit in the basement
  9. Halloween/Harvest/Fall parties for kids- it’s not the same as Trick or Treating. It’s lame and it sucks to watch kids not run wild on a sugar high
  10. MTV- music television? Not anymore
  11. Affordable Care Act- this is not the same a socialized medicine. I’ve traveled. I know.
  12. Responsibility- a poor substitution for a well lived life
  13. Dancing with the Stars- why can’t we just dance with our own partners? Or alone in our underwear?
  14. Reality TV- So much worse than real reality…wait, what?
  15. Non-Dairy Creamers- this has to be the worse thing humanity has invented aside from atomic weapons. It’s flammable and people ingest it. Ewww!